Purple Airplane Program

As part of the Chicago Department of Aviation's (CDA) commitment to making Chicago's airport systems easily accessible for all travelers, it is spearheading an Enhanced Awareness Initiative at O'Hare and Midway International Airports to better serve individuals with disabilities. 

Purple Airplane Pins

The CDA is training employees about multiple disabilities to improve awareness, understanding and accommodations within the airports. To signify this Enhanced Awareness, employees will wear purple airplane pins. Please feel free to approach all airport employees with any questions or needs you may have.

Travelers With Disabilities

While airport employees will be wearing the Purple Airplane pins, they may also be used to signify travelers and families with disabilities. Staff and security personnel at both Chicago airports receive training to recognize the symbol and how to work with travelers who may need assistance. 

Travelers can download the Purple Airplane symbol to create a personal sticker or pin. This sticker can be worn on top of your clothing to be easily identified by airport staff. 

How to Create a Purple Airplane Sticker

  1. If you are using a PC:
    1. Right click on the purple airplane symbol to the right.
    2. Select "Save Picture As."
    3. A box pops up asking you where you wish to save your image on your PC (for example, C Drive or desktop). Navigate to the folder in which you want to keep your image.
  2. If you are working on a Mac:
    1. Use the grab and drag function and drag the image to your desktop. Another option for Mac users would be to use Control (on the keyboard) and Click, then follow the prompts.
    2. Print the Purple Airplane image on a sticker/label:
    3. Purchase 2.5-inch round labels from any local office supply store, or on-line store, and follow the directions included with the labels. Many label manufacturers also have websites with templates that may be downloaded as a guide before printing your actual labels.
Purple Airplane Sticker

Additional Resources

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP), The Hope Institute for Children and Families, and Have Dreams have produced Aviation Accessibility Kits, which dovetail with this initiative to make traveling more enjoyable for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.