Airport Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout all terminals at O’Hare International Airport and is offered both pre- and post-security.  

Follow these simple steps to acccess the Wi-FI network:  

     1.  Make sure the “Wi-Fi” function on device is turned ON.
          Devices supported include laptops, tablets and smartphones.

     2.  Select “Boingo Hotspot” from your 'Settings' or 'Network Preference' menu.

     3.  Launch an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).
          Note: You may need to load a new URL to prompt the Wi-Fi access page to load. You can do this by                                                  simply browsing to your favorite website.

     4.  Select “Get Online Now” from the Wi-Fi service page.

     5.  Choose either a Free or Paid Wi-Fi access offer. 

                    - Free Access: 30 minutes of complimentary service in exchange for watching an advertisement from one                                of our sponsors. 

                    - Premium Access: For those who prefer an uninterrupted, commercial-free experience or a session with                       ​           greater bandwidth and four times the speed, a premium service is available.
                      Includes 1 hour, 24 hour, and monthly access plans. 

If you are having difficulties accessing the O’Hare network with these instructions, please reach out to Boingo Wireless Customer Care at 1-800-880-4117. 

Power Stations

Power Stations are seated workstations with counter space and AC outlets, providing travelers with a convenient area to recharge electronic devices such as laptops, cellphones and mobile devices at no charge. 

Each Power Station is equipped with four to eight seating positions, with one wheelchair accessible workstation. They can be found throughout the terminals

               Power Station Locations

                    Terminal 1:  Concourse B at Gate B4
                                           Concourse B at Gate B11
                                           Concourse B at Gate B12
                                           Concourse B at Gate B14
                                           Concourse B at Gate B19 
                                           Concourse C at Gate C7  
                                           Concourse C at Gate C15
                                           Concourse C at Gate C21
                                           Concourse C at Gate C28
                    Terminal 2:  Concourse E at Gate E8    
                                           Concourse F at Gate F2 
                    Terminal 3:  Concource G at Gate G9   
                                           Concourse G at Gate G19
                                           Concourse H at Gate H12
                                           Concourse K at Gate K9
                                           Concourse K at Gate K12 
                                           Concourse L at Gate L10 
                    Terminal 5:  Concourse M at Gate M13

Some airlines may also offer seats equipped with power outlets in their gate waiting areas. Check your individual seat for availability.

Mobile Technology

FlySmart App

Download the FlySmart application on your mobile device and get everything the airport has to offer in the palm of your hand. FlySmart conveniently lists every shop, restaurant and service available at O'Hare and makes it easy for you to find them. You can also get real-time flight data. Will you be an airport insider?

Google Maps on Android

Android users are able to view detailed floor plans of O'Hare by simply zooming in on the airport in Google Maps. The floor plan includes gates, food vendors and restrooms. Travelers may also use the "My Location" feature to pinpoint their indoor location, represented by a blue dot on the map, and use it to guide their movement throughout the airport.

"B4 You Board" App

Getting a bite to eat at O'Hare before your flight just got a little easier thanks to a new smartphone app, B4 YOU BOARD. The app, created and offered by HMSHost, can be downloaded for free by travelers to give them the option of having a hot, fresh meal delivered directly to their gate. You also have the option to order in advance for pickup at select locations throughout the airport. B4 YOU BOARD staff are easy to spot at the airport, wearing bright yellow chef's hats and aprons.

               Participating Restaurants Include:

                    Terminal 1:  Tuscany Café
                                           Chili's Too!
                    Terminal 2:  Stanley's Blackhawks Kitchen & Tap
                    Terminal 3:  Wolfgang Puck Café
                                           Chili's Too!

Food selections include breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings, as well as appetizers and desserts.
B4 YOU BOARD is available from the Apple App Store and the Android Market. Delivery of the meal via HMSHost's B4 YOU BOARD associates is also free of charge.                                         

Virtual Concierge

The Virtual Concierge kiosks located in Baggage Claim offer multi-lingual, touch-screen technology that provides hotel, transportation and airport information in eight different languages including flight status, weather updates and information on Chicago events and attractions. 

You may also use the kiosks to make a toll-free call to place a hotel reservation, order a rental car or speak with a Customer Service Representative. 

With Virtual Concierge, making travel arrangements is easy, with relevant information right at your fingertips.

Flight Information Displays

McCormick Place

Flight Information Displays located in the McCormick Place Convention Center lobby provide real-time flight information for O'Hare.

CTA Blue Line - Clark & Lake Stop

Flight Information Displays located in the CTA Blue Line Clark & Lake station provide real-time flight information for O'Hare.

Accenture Interactive Network

Accenture Interactive Network

The Interactive Network is a 7 x 10 ft screen located in the busy American Airlines Terminal 3, where its vivid graphics capture the attention of passersby who can take advantage of its touch-screen simplicity to instantly gain access to useful information. 

Users of the Accenture Interactive Network enjoy content ranging from practical to informative to entertaining (weather, news, sports scores, etc.).