Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Information
Chicago Transit Authority

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) offers both train and bus service throughout the City of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The trains in Chicago are well known as the "L," and the Blue Line trains are the easiest and most affordable way to get to O'Hare International Airport from downtown via public transit.


The Blue Line Station at O'Hare

The Blue Line offers 24 hour service with more frequent service during weekday morning and evening rush hours. You can also connect to most other CTA lines through the Blue Line. With regularly scheduled arriving and departing trains, you will experience minimal wait times.

To see the most up-to-date schedule and timetable, visit the CTA website here.

Where is the O'Hare station located?

The O'Hare Blue Line station is located in the lower level of Terminal 2.

How do I get there?
You can either walk to lower level Terminal 2 to reach the station, or take the Airport Transit System (ATS). The ATS connects each terminal and the remote parking lots as well and passes through the terminals about every 5-7 minutes.

How do I pay for the "L?"
You can purchase fare with either cash or credit. There are vending machines located outside the station.

For extra information on the CTA, and to view the CTA's trip planning tools and information, visit their website.
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