Public Transportation

Public Transportation
Airport Passengers
Chicago’s Trains and Buses Can Get You There

​Trains and buses accessing downtown, Chicago’s neighborhoods and suburbs around the Chicagoland area can provide easy access to the airport.​​​​​​​​

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
picture of CTA
CTA “L” Trains to the Loop
​Chicago’s famous “L” trains can easily take you to the Loop.
Metra Suburban Train
picture of Metra
Metra’s North Central Service Line
Weekday service connecting downtown Chicago to the north central suburbs.

Pace Suburban Bus
Map showing Pace Service
Buses Connecting You to Chicago Suburbs
Check out Pace’s Bus-n-Fly service!
Regional Transportation Authority
The RTA’s online trip planner
Let the RTA guide you to the public transportation option that’s right for you.  Their trip planner incorporates all three systems (CTA, Metra and Pace).

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