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   Fast-Track System for ID Badging
O'Hare Airport ID Badging Office

The Fast-track System is used for first-time applications for any type of ID Badge. It is a convenient way to establish a Badge Record and number without the candidate having to make a visit to the ID Badging Office.

The procedures are as follows:

Download the I.D. Badging Forms from this website, and fax the completed application to ID Badging ASAP. Details below:

Once a badge candidate is hired and on a company's payroll, companies may fax an Access Control and Photo ID Badge Application to the ID Badging Office to establish and create an ID Badge Record and number.

The following three items are required:

(1) Application(s) must be completed properly

(2) A cover sheet request, providing return fax and contact numbers, and number of applications faxed, must be included

(3) Signatory review of each application must be indicated, by signing the applications, and by signing the cover sheet.

Applications must be completed with all applicable signatures. The ID Badging Office will screen all faxed applications promptly, upon receipt to ensure accuracy and completeness, and will then promptly either:

  • Accept the application, for processing, and notify the sending company by return fax. New account applications will be screened for acceptance in the order of their arrival, whether received on a faxed or walk-in basis.

  • OR

  • Reject the application, noting errors or other issues that preclude proper establishment of an account, and notify the sending company by return fax.

By following the Fast-Track System, you will receive and be assigned an account (Badge Number) within 48 hours. Upon acceptance of a fax request (as described above), The ID Badging Office will establish (an) account(s), and assign Badge Number(s). These numbers will be transmitted to the requesting company within 24-48 hours, for up to 15 individuals, per company, per day. Requests for larger numbers of new applicants will be accepted, but can take longer to process. Following this system will avoid long delays in line at the I.D. Badging Office. NOTE: If US Customs access will be required, this badge number should also be placed on the US Customs form.

Tailor applications in advance

Most company (employer) and related information on the ID Badge application tends to be the same for every application submitted by any given company, or section of a company. To save time and errors, it is permissible and encouraged to fill in this information once, make multiple 2-sided copies of the modified original, and use those copies as "original" applications. ANY information (to include company name and code; type of badge and company; job, supervisor, and signatory information; and access codes and privileges requested) on the application, which is identical for large groups of employees, may be copied in developing "tailored" applications, provided that:

  • The format of the application is not altered

  • All required fields are completed, when the application is submitted

  • Signatures MUST be original

  • The tailored application is clearly legible, when received in ID Badging

Complete, review and sign the application early.

Once personal data is entered, the application should be accorded handling similarly to that for other documents bearing such data. The document is sensitive in that it contains sensitive personal information.

To Download I.D. Badging Forms on-line, click here to go to Forms link.

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