Date: Thursday  December  06, 2012 | Source: Chicago Department of Aviation

CHICAGO, December 5, 2012 - Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) Commissioner Rosemarie S. Andolino was a guest speaker today during a plenary session at the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Summit in Miami, FL.

During the session, entitled "Aviation IT Management/Green Technologies in the LAC Region", Andolino discussed sustainable initiatives that the CDA currently has in place and is planning for. In addition, she highlighted how the CDA is utilizing technology to enhance environmental performance in the ground transportation services at O'Hare International Airport, as well as how airports can advance the implementation and benefits of NextGen technology.
Joining Andolino on the panel were Luis Rossi, Civil Aviation Authority of Chile; David Campbell, Vice President, Safety, Security and Environment, American Airlines; Steve Fulton, Technical Fellow, GE Aviation; and Dr. Alan Epstein, Vice President for Technology and Environment, Pratt & Whitney.
Topics covered during the session included the potential for environmental synergy between new technology engines that will begin entering fleets next year and new air traffic management systems such as NextGen; and how airlines are reducing their carbon footprints by investing in new aircraft, operating more efficiently, and supporting airspace modernization efforts.
The three-day summit featured topics and project briefings focusing on air traffic control modernization, airport infrastructure, aviation safety and security in the region. Ray LaHood, Secretary of the Department of Transportation; Michael Huerta, Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ; John Pistole, Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), among others, provided keynote remarks. The event was attended by U.S. governmental agencies representatives of civil aviation authority officials, foreign air carriers and aviation industry organizations.
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