Airport Budget & Statistic Information

Airport Budget & Statistics

Aircraft Operating at the Airport

CDA maintains statistic and budget information individually for Midway and O'Hare. Use the links below to search for budget and statistic information on each airport.

Air Traffic Data

CDA compiles monthly statistics, including flight operations, passenger totals and cargo tonnage. The data is provided by the airlines and summarized by the CDA.

O'Hare Air Traffic Data
Midway Air Traffic Data

Performance Data

Aircraft Belly

Information summarizing airport operations including airline activity, type of operations, national and global rankings, passenger and cargo activity, snow removal operations, and airport rescue and fire fighting

O'Hare Performance Data
Midway Performance Data

Facility Data

O'Hare International Airport Diagram

Find statistics on airport terminals, parking garages, runways, airport traffic control towers, and the Automated Transit System.

O'Hare Facility Data
Midway Facility Data

Financial Data

Economic Impact, Funding/Revenue Sources, and Operating Expenses

Midway International Airport Gates

The City operates O'Hare and Midway through the CDA as a separate and distinct enterprise for financial purposes. The operating budgets for the airports are separate from the City of Chicago budget and funded through a variety of funding sources. City of Chicago taxes do not fund the airports.

O'Hare Financial Data
Midway Financial Data