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  • How can I contact lost and found?

Several agencies and organizations at the airport handle lost and found items. When trying to locate a missing item, contact the agency or organization which corresponds closest to the location where you last had the item. For example, if you lost an item at a security checkpoint, please contact the Transportation Security Administration; if you lost an item while waiting for a flight at a gate, contact the airline. If you don't know where you lost the item, you can contact several or all of the agencies/organizations separately. For a list of agency and organization contacts please see the lost and found page.

  • Does the airport close at night?

The terminal is restricted to ticketed passengers between the hours of 12 a.m. and 4 a.m.

  • Can I store luggage at the airport?

Currently there are no facilities or provision for the storage of luggage at Midway International Airport.

  • Are there shower facilities available in the terminals?

There are no shower facilities located in the terminal at Midway.

  • Is wireless Internet access available at Midway?

Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout most public areas of the airport, such as gate areas, food courts, etc., and is offered pre- and post-security. The fee is $6.95 for a 24-hour period through the Boingo Network. Once initiated, the service can be used at other Boingo-affiliated locations throughout the U.S. during the paid period.

  • Where can I smoke at Midway?

Designated smoking areas are located outside of the terminal. Due to the City of Chicago's Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, smoking is not permitted inside the terminal.

  • How do I get to the Chicago Transit Authority's Midway Orange Line train station?

The fully-accessible Chicago Transit Authority Orange Line Midway Station is located beside the terminal and is connected via an enclosed walkway. Upon arriving by plane at Midway International Airport, you can walk to the Orange Line station by following signs to "CTA Trains" or "Trains to City". A fare can be purchased using cash or credit card in the vending machines located outside the station.

  • Is there an animal relief area?

Yes, it is located outside of baggage claim (Door 4). 

  • Are any concessions open 24 hours?

Yes, some concessions located throughout the terminals are open 24 hours.

  • Is there a post office at Midway?

There is no post office at Midway but there are mail collection boxes located in the terminal.

  • Where can I exchange currency at Midway?

Seaway National Bank provides foreign currency exchange services from its location in Concourse A. Seaway helps travelers prepare for foreign destinations by enabling them to obtain foreign currency before they leave home and exchange funds when they return.

  • What services do you offer for guests with disabilities/mobility impairments?

Getting from one point to another at any airport can be challenging, especially for travelers with disabilities. The Chicago Department of Aviation recognizes these needs and is working to make traveling through Chicago's airports as pleasant and convenient as possible. For detailed information please see our Accessibility Guide.

  • Where are ATM machines located at Midway?

ATMs provided by local and national financial institutions are located throughout the airport in each terminal.

  • Is there a business center at Midway?

There is no business center located at Midway. However, several area hotels offer business services. For more information about business services, please see the Business Centers page.

  • Is there a USO located at Midway?

USO facilities are located in Concourse C, after the security checkpoint. The phone number for the USO at Midway International Airport is: (773) 582-5852.

  • Where are bicycle racks located at Midway?

Outdoor bike racks are provided at the CTA Orange Line station adjacent to Midway.

  • Do you offer translation services?

Travelers who require translation service are encouraged to visit our information booth in the Baggage Claim area. I-Speak language cards ​(which help non-English speaking persons identify their spoken language) along with a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) phone are available to provide one-touch access to quality interpreters through pre-programed buttons in over 200 different languages.

Ground Transportation

  • Where do I rent a car upon arrival at Midway?

Midway's car rental facility hosts all of its rental companies at one convenient location (5050 West 55th Street).  The rental car shuttle pick up is on the lower level, baggage claim Door 3.

  • Where can I catch a shuttle, taxicab or other ground transportation to destinations in/around Chicago?

Taxi Stands are located at the lower level curb front, outside of the baggage claim area. Limousine information can be located at the ground transportation information booths located on the lower-level near baggage claim carousel #4. Buses and trains can be accessed at the transportation center located adjacent to the terminal via an enclosed walkway; follow signs to "CTA Trains" or "Trains to City". Shuttles to the city can be accessed outside Door 3 on the Lower Level. Regional buses and transit between airports are also available.

Flight and Airlines

  • Is the flight on time?

For the most current flight information please contact your airline by visiting its website or calling its reservations phone number. Arrival and departure information can also be found on FlyChicago's flight status page.

  • How much time should I allow before my flight?

Each airline has their own policies, but in general you should allow 3 hours for international flights and 2 hours for domestic flights.

  • What can I take through security?

For current information on permitted and prohibited items, please visit the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) website.

  • Can I travel without a picture ID?

You may travel without a picture ID by presenting 2 forms of non-picture identification issued by a state or federal agency. However, the absence of proper identification will result in additional screening. Children under 18 are not required to show identification. For more information visit the TSA's website.

  • Does Midway offer curbside check-in?

For information about the availability of curbside check-in, please contact your airline by visiting its website or calling its reservation number. Links are provided on the airlines page.

  • Can I escort a child, elderly adult or member of the U.S. military to the gate?

Procedures regarding gate passes for unaccompanied minors and elderly adults vary by airline. Please contact your airline for their policy. With the exception of international flights, U.S. military personnel traveling under orders may be accompanied to the gate by immediate family. Please visit the TSA's website for information regarding Military Family gate passes.

  • What are the hours of operation for airline and ticket counters at Midway?

Each airline has its own operating hours. Please contact your airline for correct ticket counter hours.

  • How do I find prices for airline tickets to or from Midway?

For current ticket pricing please contact airlines directly. You may also gain ticket information by using a travel agency, or a travel search engine website.


  • Does Midway have a cell phone lot?

The cell phone lot at Midway is located at 6101 South Cicero Ave, just south of the main airport entrance.

  • Which hotels are located near the airport?

A variety of hotels are located close by the airport. For a listing of nearby hotels, please click here. Additional information can be found on the Business Centers page.

  • What parking options are available in/around Midway?

There are several parking options at Midway International Airport ranging from valet service adjacent to the domestic terminal to long-term/economy parking. For more detailed information about parking, please visit our parking pages.

  • Is there a Travelers Aid Office at Midway?

There is no Travelers Aid Office at Midway, but travelers infor​mation booths are located in the terminal.

  • Who can I contact regarding U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Midway?

For general information, call (773) 894-2900

  • Where can I get a tax refund for items purchased inside the U.S. before I return to my country?

The Federal Government cannot refund state sales taxes. State taxes are generally not charged to diplomats and employees of some international organizations who have been issued a tax-exemption card. Tax-exemption card must be presented at the time of purchase in order for sales taxed to be waived. For additional information, please visit the U.S. Customs website.​​​​​​