Facility Data

Airport Property

The entire Midway International Airport complex resides on approximately 840 acres and is located within the City of Chicago.

Airport Gates

As of January 2017, there were 43 gates at Midway:



As of January 2016, the number of concessions located at Midway was:

  • 28 Food and Beverage
  • 22 News & Gift, Specialty Retail and Service locations

Total concessions equals approximately 44,153 square feet within the airport.
Details on concessions can be found on the Shopping and Food and Beverages pages.

Airfield Runways

There are currently five active runways at Midway as shown on the diagram below.

Midway International Airport Diagram 

The table below provides a few facts about the existing runways:

Runways: Length Arrestor Bed
Runway 4L-22R 5,509 ft none
Runway 4R-22L 6,446 ft At both ends
Runway 13C-31C 6,522 ft At both ends
Runway 13L-31R 5,141 ft none
Runway 13R-31L 3,859 ft none


Automobile Parking

Total number of parking spaces at Midway: 11,221
To learn more about parking at Midway, click here.