Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures
Aircraft at Midway
Data at Your Fingertips
Find information and data regarding operations, performance, interesting facts, financial data, and airport partnerships below.​​​​​​​
Air Traffic Data
Aircraft Landing at Midway
Aircraft Operation and Passenger Statistics
Check out the monthly traffic statistics including the number of passengers traveling through Midway, aircraft operations and cargo tonnage.
Facility Data
Midway Terminal Curbfront
The Size of Things
Read up on the various facts about Midway from the number of concessions to the latest safety improvements.
Financial Data
Millennium Park in Chicago
Operating Expenses and Economic Impact
Take a look at the financial information for one of Chicago’s biggest economic gene rators.
Sister Airports
Sharing Best Practices with Airports Around the World
​The Sister Airports program fosters the exchange of technical, environmental and commercial best practices with similar airports.