Midway Noise Management

Airport Operations 101
Airport Operations 101
Fundamentals of Operations
Airport Operations 101 includes an overview of the Midway airfield as well as aircraft arrivals and departures.​​​​​​
Noise 101
MDW Noise 101
Fundamentals of Sound and Noise
Noise 101​ includes an overview of sound and noise, and how they relate to the airport environment.
Airport Noise Management System
Airport Noise Management System MDW
Noise Measurements and Data
​The CDA's Airport Noise Management System measures actual aircraft noise levels in Chicago and suburban communities around Midway.
Sound Insulation Programs
Residential Sound Insulation Map
Impacts to Homes & Schools
Programs to help homeowners and schools that are in areas of highest impact from Midway-related noise.  Check to find out if your home qualifies.​
Fly Quiet Program
Fly Quiet logo
Noise Reduction & Abatement Procedures
The Fly Quiet Program develops noise reduction and abatement procedures and techniques.  Find more on how the Fly Quiet Program reduces airport-related noise.​
Flight Tracker
MDW Flight Tracker
Track a Flight
​This​ Flight Tracker allows individuals to watch the movement of flights around Midway.​
Additional Resources
Learn More
Additional resources on sound, noise, and airport operations.
Aircraft Noise Complaints
Aircraft Noise complaints
Let Us Know
Have a noise complaint?  Register your noise complaint online.​