Green Fleet Vehicles

To reduce emissions and minimize its carbon footprint, the CDA operates alternatively-fueled and hybrid fleet vehicles at Midway International Airport.

Green Fleet

Alternatively-fueled and hybrid vehicles are purchased instead of traditionally-fueled vehicles whenever a comparable vehicle with similar performance is available. Approximately 40 percent of the Midway vehicle fleet consists of gasoline hybrid or ethanol (E85) fuel-powered vehicles.

An on-airport ethanol fuel tank provides E85 (a blend of fuel containing 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent unleaded gasoline) to more than a dozen of the CDA's flex-fuel sedans, pickup trucks, police vehicles and SUVs.

The fleet also includes more than 25 hybrid sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. ​

Designated Hybrid Vehicle Parking 

'Hybrid Vehicle Only' parking sign located near Pilar 1J in the Short-Term Parking Garage (ground level, hourly parking) next to the electric vehicle charging stationsIn addition to electric vehicle charging stations, the CDA provides preferred parking for hybrid vehicles at Midway. This practice encourages employees and the public to operate low-emission hybrid vehicles around the airport instead of conventionally-fueled vehicles.

Spaces are located near the elevator lobbies in the parking garages and by the shuttle bus stops in the surface parking lots. A map of preferred parking for hybrid vehicles is provided below. For more information, please call (773) 838-0756.

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