Consolidated Rental Car Facility

In April 2013 the CDA opened a facility at Midway International Airport that consolidates rental car customer service centers, facilities and parking lots into one convenient location reducing congestion as vehicle emissions as well as shortened wait times for car renters.

Shuttle buses powered by biodiesel fuel provide efficient, convenient transportation to and from the facility. The 853,200 square-foot consolidated rental car facility includes a customer service center, a five-level garage that can accommodate 1,870 vehicles (a 500 percent increase in existing capacity), and a quick turn-around facility where vehicles are fueled, washed and prepared for rental. The facility also frees up valuable space in Midway's main parking garage and terminal.

The $55 million project, which was completed on-time and within budget, provided about 200 construction jobs. More than 600 employees work at this facility helping Midway continue to be an economic engine for the City of Chicago.

The facility achieved U.S. Green Building Council LEED Silver Certification for unique environmentally-friendly features including:

  • Rainwater collection cisterns for drip irrigation and car washing
  • Car wash water recycling
  • Low-flow fixtures reducing potable water use by more than 35 percent from the baseline
  • Native, drought tolerant, non-wildlife attracting landscaping
  • Bike racks with nearby showers and changing rooms
  • Preferential parking for alternatively fueled vehicles
  • Energy optimization of more than 14 percent
  • High-albedo (reflectance) white concrete to reduce the heat island effect and conserve energy
  • LED lighting
  • Solar panels and green walls
  • Purchasing 35 percent of equivalent energy from alternative renewable energy sources8
  • A 17,640 square-foot vegetated green roof
  • Low emitting sealants, paints, coatings, adhesives, flooring, and composite wood
  • Zero use of chlorofluorocarbon-based refrigerants
  • Green construction practices, including use of regional materials and recycled content materials