Midway Sustainability

CNG Taxi Cabs
CNG Taxi Cabs

Read about the CDA's Green Taxi Pilot Program that provides compressed natural gas (CNG) taxi cabs with preferential access to airport terminals.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sustainable Airport Manual
Cover of the Chicago Department of Aviation Sustainable Airport Manual
The Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM) established guidelines for airport sustainability including standards and specifications, checklists, a Green Airplane Rating System and award recognition. 
Airports Going Green
​Since 2007, the CDA has hosted and helped sponsor the leading aviation industry forum on sustainability – the annual Airports Going Green (AGG) Conference.


Green Concessions Policy
Green Concessions Policy
​CDA's Green Concessions Policy is among the first of its kind in the airport industry and is another example of how the CDA’s airports continue to serve as a benchmark for environmental stewardsh​​​ip.
Sustainability Report & Plan
Sustainability Report & Plan
A Sustainable Path, the CDA’s 2012 Sustainability Report & Plan, supports the CDA’s vision to maintain a competitive position as a global aviation hub for the 21st century.
Green Fleet Vehicles
The CDA operates alternatively-fueled and hybrid fleet vehicles at Midway to reduce emissions and minimize its carbon footprint.
Electric Vehicle Charging
​EVC stations at Midway and the anticipated increase of EV use at O'Hare and Midway support the City of Chicago's goal to reduce Chicago's greenhouse gas emissions to 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020.​
Vegetated Roofs
The Sustainable Airport Manual encourages the installation of vegetated roofs on airport facilities wherever possible to reduce the urban heat island effect, conserve energy and reduce storm water runoff.​​
Waste, Water, and Energy
By implementing some of the airport industry’s strictest sustainability standards the CDA leads by example in reducing water use, diverting waste materials from landfills, and conserving energy.​
Consolidated Rental Car Facility
Consolidated Car Rental Facility
​In April 2013, the CDA opened a facility at Midway that consolidates rental car customer service centers, facilities, and parking lots into one convenient location.
Parcel 150 Final Environmental Assessment
picture of 150 assessment
To view the Midway Parcel 150 Final Environmental Assessment Click Here.