MOD Progress

​​Thank you to all of the drivers, travelers, neighbors, and employees and airline partners who have helped us get off to a great start with the Midway Modernization Program. We recognize the inconveniences that come with construction and appreciate your patience.

We are just getting started with bringing you a more modern Midway. As the construction affects more areas in and around the airport, we will continue to provide updates to help you plan accordingly. We appreciate your continued support and hope you’ll join in the excitement as we watch a modern Midway rise up around us!

APRIL 2018

Security Checkpoint Expansion

The long-term traffic shift for Cicero Avenue is in place and will continue at least through the end of the year. Two lanes will remain open in both directions. Toward the end of April, there will be a 24-hour closure of the outer arrivals lane for a couple of weeks. Follow us on Twitter for updates on lane closures.

security checkpoint expansion

Traffic continues to move smoothly around the construction area on Cicero Avenue​

Caisson rigs are now onsite and foundation work will also get underway in mid-April.

In May, construction will begin on the concrete piers that will form the foundation of the bridge. Steel girders will be erected on the foundation on the north side of the bridge later in May. This work will continue for several months.

photo 1 photo 2

Concessions Redevelopment Program

Inside Midway, construction on the first phase of the Concessions Redevelopment Program continues in Concourses A and B with 12 food and retail locations opening later this year, including eight brands new to Midway.

The area near gate A7 will feature six new and returning food and retail offerings. Arami and Woodgrain Neopolitan Pizzeria are a couple of the new restaurants taking shape behind the barricade walls. Midway favorite Reilly’s Daughter will also open a new location in this area. Tech on the Go will open in a temporary retail location near gate A5.

Concessions 1 photo Concessions 2 photo

The shape of things to come behind the barricade walls near A7 plus a look at new food choices – Arami and Woodgrain – once the walls come down

Arami rendering photo Woodgrain rendering photo

Between gates A5-A7, crews are starting to remove the moving sidewalk to create more space for redevelopment. Removal work is happening nightly and is expected to last through early summer.

This is one of a few moving sidewalks that will be removed to make way for Midway's concessions redevelopment program, but other moving sidewalks will remain permanently. As always, the airlines at Midway--with golf carts and wheelchair assistance--will be available to aid passengers to the end of the concourse and to assist them in getting to their destinations during construction.

moving sidewalks 

moving sidewalks 

The barricade walls around the sidewalk feature colorful graphics highlighting some of the new retail and food offerings coming to Midway as part of the Concessions Redevelopment Program.

New retail and food locations are also under construction in Concourse B, including a temporary location for Chicago Sports near gate B12 and Camden Foods near gate B20.

food announcements photo 

Announcements will be made as Midway’s exciting new options get ready to open later this summer and early fall, including:

• Arami*

• BIG & little’s*

• Billy Goat Tavern*

• Camden Food*

• Woodgrain Neapolitan Pizzeria*

• Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch

• Nuts on Clark<

• Reilly’s Daughter

• Home Run Inn*

• Porkchop*

• Sony/Belkin*

• Departures News​

* - new to Midway