O'Hare International Airport

ORD RFQ Documents Data Room


Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Addendum 3

ORD Concessions Request for Proposal

ORD RFP Multimodal Facility Concession

Pre-Proposal Presentation

RFP Multimodal Concession Pre-Proposal Presentation

Pre-Proposal Meeting Registration List

Proposal Forms

Proposal Form A Experience and Qualifications

Proposal Form B Concept Plan

Proposal Form C Projected Gross Receipts

Proposal Form D Capital Investment Plan

Proposal Form E ACDBE Plan

Proposal Form F ACDBE Forms

Proposal Form G Concession Fee

Proposal Form H Evidence of Signed Labor Peace Agreement

Proposal Form I Labor Peace Small Business Exception Claim

Proposal Form J Reference Form

Proposal Form K Proposal Affidavit

Proposal Form L Business Information Statement

Proposal Form M Sexual Harassment Affidavit

Proposal Form O Proposal Exceptions

Sample Agreement

Sample Agreement (ADDED APRIL 25, 2022)

Concessions Handbook

Concessions Program Handbook

Special Conditions Regarding Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Commitment (Attachment A)

ACDBE Special Conditions February 2020

CDA Design and Construction T-SOP / Concessions Standard Operating Procedures and Exhibits (C-SOP):

2020 CDA Concessions Projects Design and Construction Standard Operating Procedures (C-SOP)


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