Vendor Information

If you are a vendor or prospective vendor within the Chicago Department of Aviation's (CDA) airport system, the below sections contact important information.

Vendor/Tenant Portal

The CDA Vendor/Tenant Portal is an on-line system that provides vendors and airport tenants access to important financial information and online forms. Vendors can track invoice processing as well as submit required forms such as the Expenditure Approval, Status Rate Change and Travel Authorization form. Tenants can submit retail sales reports and other required documents using the portal. Users must login to use the portal.

To access the CDA Vendor Portal, click here​.


Design and Construction SOP

All Contractors/Tenants performing work at O'Hare or Midway International Airports must submit documentation describing the work to the CDA facilities section for approval.

The procedure and documentation required to complete the CDA approval process are available below.

  1. ​SOP Design and Construction July 2014​
  2. ORD eForms Quick Reference Guide​​
  3. ​​MDW eForms Quick Reference Guide
  4. CDA Document Request Form​
  5. ​ORD Barricade Standard
  6. MDW Barricade Standard
  7. ​FAA 7460 Form​
Concessions Procedures and Documents 
  1. CDA Concessions Projects Design and Construction Standard Operating Procedures (C-SOP)
  2. CDA Concessions Projects Design and Construction Standard Operating Procedures Exhibits (C-SOP Exhibits)
  3. ORD Concessionaire Design Guidelines
  4. MDW Concessionaire Design Guidelines
  5. Exhibit 1: O'Hare International Airport Official Addresses & Site Map
  6. Exhibit 2: Midway International Airport Official Addresses & Site Map
  7. Exhibit A: Project Initiation Letter Submittal Check List
  8. Exhibit B: ProjectWise Access Request Form Concessions 
  9. Exhibit B.2: ProjectWise Submittal Review Comments Form Concessions
  10. Exhibit C: 30% Schematic Design (SD) Submittal Check List
  11. Exhibit C.1: CDA Standard Electronic Copy Document Request Form
  12. Exhibit C.2: Designer's Request for CDA Design Standards Variance Form
  13. Exhibit C.3: 60% Design Development (DD) Submittal Check List
  14. Exhibit C.4: Electrical Check List
  15. Exhibit C.5: Mechanical, Fire Protection & Plumbing Components Check List
  16. Exhibit C.6: 90% and 100% Construction Document (CD) Submittal Check List
  17. Exhibit C.7: Concession's Compliance Plan - Affidavit of Concessionaire
  18. Exhibit C.8: Concession's Compliance Plan - Affidavit of Prime Contractor
  19. Exhibit C.9: Good Faith Efforts Form
  20. Special Conditions Regarding Minority Owned Business Enterprise Commitment and Women Owned Business Enterprise Commitment in Construction Contracts
  21. Exhibit C.10: City Resident Construction Worker Employment & Certified Payroll Requirements
  22. Exhibit D: Pre-Construction Meeting Check List
  23. Exhibit D.1a: O'Hare International Pre-Construction Meeting Form
  24. Exhibit D.1b: Midway International Pre-Construction Meeting Form
  25. Exhibit D.2: FAA Approved 7460 Forms
  26. Exhibit D.3: Impact to CDA Security and TSA Approval
  27. Exhibit D.4: Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  28. Exhibit: D.5: CDA Construction Safety Manual
  29. Exhibit D.6: Safety and Security Plan
  30. Exhibit D.7: O'Hare International Incident Notification Plan
  31. Exhibit D.8: Midway International Incident Notification Plan
  32. Exhibit D.11: Employer Information and Authorization Form
  33. Exhibit D.18: Vehicle Access Form - Airfield
  34. Exhibit D.19: Concessions Construction Barricade and Graphic Standards
  35. ORD eForms Quick Reference Guide
  36. MDW eForms Quick Reference Guide