June 22, 2017

Attention Pilots and All Other Airfield Users:

On June 22, 2017, the following airfield changes are scheduled to occur. These changes are all in support of continued construction of the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP), and more specifically, to prepare the airfield for implementation of new Runway 9C/27C and its associated taxiway network.

  • The U Pad will be renamed A Pad
  • Taxiway E (between current Taxiways U and YY) will be renamed Taxiway C2
  • Taxiway E (between Runways 9R/27L and 4L/22R) will be renamed Taxiway H1
  • Taxiway H1 will be renamed Taxiway H2
  • Taxiway H2 will be renamed Taxiway H3
  • Taxiway H3 will be renamed Taxiway B
  • The Scenic Hold Pad will consume the current portion of Taxiway G behind the pad

​Additionally, the following taxiway closures and pavement/Hot Spot removals will also occur

  • Taxiway E (between Taxiway YY and Runway 9R/27L) will be closed
  • Taxiway G will be closed
  • Taxiway G1 will be closed
  • Taxiway J (between current Taxiway G and Runway 9R/27L) will be closed
  • Removal of Hot Spot #3
  • Taxiway V2 will be closed
  • Taxiway PP will be closed and the pavement removed
The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has developed a "pilot awareness" illustration that details the upcoming airfield changes.

Click here​ or on the image below to view/download the flier/poster:

The CDA needs your help in spreading the word among all key stakeholders about these airfield changes.​

How You Can Help

June 22 is approaching fast. Here are some things you can do to help us spread the word:

Post the map on bulletin boards and in break rooms

  • Attach the map to paychecks and staff memorandums
  • Blast-fax and mass e-mail the map to your members and user groups
  • Post information on your respective websites and intranet
  • Link to this web page or e-mail the web address to a friend, colleague or co-worker

The success of this campaign depends upon all of O’Hare’s users - from pilots to mechanics to motor truck drivers and many more. We appreciate your assistance in helping us spread the word about the upcoming airfield changes.

Please bookmark this web page and check back frequently to view/download updated maps and information. A full listing of recent airfield changes at O’Hare is provided at the bottom of this page.​

Recent Airfield Changes