Traveling with Children | Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Traveling with Children

Family Lounge (Temporarily Closed)​​

Located in Terminal 2 just beyond security, the lounge offers a designated space for kids to play, with amenities such as toys, climbing structures, funhouse mirrors (that make for great family photo ops!) and even airport-themed video games developed by local DeVry University students. There’s colorful seating along with device charging stations and, for those traveling with an infant, there’s stroller parking, too. There are even plans to have live entertainment at various times throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.​

Terminal 2: Main Hall

Mothers Rooms

​​Our Mother's Rooms were created specifically for traveling, nursing mothers. The rooms offers a tranquil space for mothers who are breastfeeding their children and would prefer to do so in a private setting. They feature comfortable seating along with a sink and wash area.

Terminal 1: B Concourse | Gate B10
Terminal 2: F Concourse, Crossover Between Gates E5 and F9
Terminal 3: Rotunda, next to the Yoga Room and Urban Garden
Terminal 3: Concourse L | Gate L6
Terminal 5: Concourse G | Gate M14
Multi-Modal Facility: 2 Locations on Level 1 - North and South Side

All Gender Toilets

Changing stations for young children are located in most restrooms throughout the terminals. All Gender Toilets are also available in each terminal. For assistance, please ask our Public Service Representatives located at the information booths.

Terminal 1 - B4 (2), B10 (2), C16, C20(2), Baggage Claim (2)
Terminal 2 - Across from the ORD Family Lounge (1), E5, Baggage Claim
Terminal 3 - G11, H3, H5, H9, H12, K1 (2), L7, L20 Rotunda, Baggage Claim
Terminal 5 - Near Security Checkpoint, Food Court Area
Multi-Modal Facility - Lower Level (2), Level 1-3 (1 each) north and south end

Airport Restaurants

Child-friendly restaurants are easy to find at O'Hare. Most restaurants provide high chairs and children's menus. If your child(ren) like to watch the airplanes, a number of cafés and restaurants offer a fantastic window of the airfield. Take a look below to see which restaurants at O'Hare offer these great views:

Restaurants where you can see airplanes landing and taking off:
Berghoff Cafe: Terminal 1 | Gate C26
Food Court seating area: Terminal 1 | Gate C26
Chili's Too: Terminal 3 | Gate G10

Restaurants where you can see airplanes on the ground:
Tuscany Restaurant: Terminal 1 | Gate B18
Goose Island Beer Company: Terminal 1 | Gate C10, Terminal 3 | Gate K4
Argo Tea: Terminal 2 | Gate E5
Wicker Park Seafood & Sushi: Terminal 2 Main Hall
Starbuck's: Terminal 2 Main Hall, Terminal 3 | Gate H1
Chicago Cubs Bar & Grill: Terminal 3 Rotunda
Macaroni Grill: Terminal 3 | Gate K2

Tips For Getting Through Security with Children

A series of tips and videos to make the security screening process easier on parents and children has been developed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Take a look at their webpage to take advantage of these tips for a smooth walk through security at O'Hare.

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