Terminal Parking Garage Expansion

The high volume of motorists driving to Midway makes the parking garage expansion one of the critical projects in the program. It also offers opportunities to improve traffic flow in and around Midway. To better accommodate travelers, the MMP adds 1,500 new parking spaces close to the terminal building by expanding the existing terminal parking garage to the east over the CTA maintenance yard. This project will also enhance the entrance from Cicero Avenue to the garage as well as improve transit access from the CTA Orange Line with an upgraded pedestrian walkway.

Project Timeline: Fall 2018 – Winter 2020

Go to Project Updates to see construction progress and get details on any changes in traffic and transit patterns.


    Project Benefits

  • 1,500 new parking spaces close to the terminal building.
  • Wider entrance from Cicero Avenue into the garage simplifies access and reduces traffic shifts around Midway​.
  • Simplified driver navigation in the garage for fast and convenient arrival and departure.
  • New payment system saves time when entering and exiting the garage.
  • Rebuilt pedestrian bridge or “pedway” offers a modern, temperature-controlled corridor between Midway and CTA.
  • New elevators and escalators to improve pedway access.

    Download the Terminal Parking Garage Expansion Fact Sheet.