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About the Program


The legacy of our airport’s namesake, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Edward “Butch” O’Hare continues to be honored and solidified. A replica of the F4F-3 Grumman Wildcat plane he courageously flew in World War II and artifacts of his Medal of Honor actions were rededicated in 2017 and are located at the Butch O’Hare exhibit in Terminal 2. “Butch” O’Hare’s name has also become a part of folklore, too, and will be respectfully used as a part of our travelers social media experience. Play trivia now, and learn interesting tidbits about O'Hare, our stores and restaurants and air travel trivia.


We have entered into a partnership with students at DeVry University in Chicago to develop airport games for the “Fly with Butch O’Hare” program. The game development is made possible by the creative power of talented IT students guided by professors at DeVry University in Chicago working in partnership with the Chicago Department of Aviation.


Alec Zorn
Alejandro Biancucci
Allen Chen
Allisa Rosales
Amar Jaini
Andrew Schook
Angel Gomez
Angela Deardurff
Angelita Vasquez
(Project Manager)
Anthony Larcher-Gore
Anthony Talharim
Antonio Barrios
Arthur Messick
Austin Marks
Bhaswini Pulusu
(Team Leader)
Brandon Sayegh
Brian Schaeflein
Brianna Briggs
Carlos Sanchez
Chris Medeiros
(Team Leader)
Christopher Brookens
Damian Sulkowski
David Pitstick
Devin Nguyen
Donovan Hernandez
Dusty Schlotfeldt
Dylan Saucedo
Emilio Barajas
(Team Leader)
Errol Ortego
Fiby John
German Rodriguez
Gerren Clark
Grand Toudeka
Hadisha Mills
Hector Perez
Jacob Beck
(Team Leader)
James Powell
Jeff de Lange
Jeremiah Miranda
(Project Manager)
Joanna Blackwell
Joey Gil
Jomar Vega
Jonathon Havens
Jordan Howe
(Team Leader)
Jordan Karl
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Hunt
Joseph Simpson
(Team Leader)
Josh Theisen
Joshua Wendt
Julio Cesar Paute

Justin Moss
Kaitlin Adi
Keisha Perez
Kellen Naughton
Kevin Fuentes
Kyle Riegel
(Team Leader)
Logan Susini
Luis Zamora
Manuel Gonzales
Mark Baker
Marla Del Rosario
Marytrini Paez Acevedo
Max Meszaros
Melvin Cox - Pizarro
Michael Fiotakis
Michael Koronkiewicz
Michael Tsui
Mohammed Khan
Moustapha Fane
Nancy Ellis
Nathan Pyle
Noel Gordon
Patrick Haggerty
(Team Leader)
Paul Eiche
Pethual Anonuevo
Ramon Aviles

Richard Lara
(Project Manager)
Robert Strayer
Roselle Leano
Russell Martin
Ryan Blakey
Samantha Harvey
Sheliza Keshwani
Silvia Regueiro Laca
Spencer Barnett
Steven Mattocks
(Team Leader)
Steven Natz
Syed Asghar
Syed Husain
(Team Leader)
Syed Razi
Tim Raysby
Timothy Miller
Tinu Mathew
Tobin Keruppayil
Vicente Bonilla
Vrajesh Patel
Wesley McDonald
Yimleng Yang
Zelalem Gebre Endeta


Michael Henson
James Karagiannes
Nana Liu

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