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Accessiblity Guide

Under the Disability Awareness & Assistance Program there are a number of resources and services available to travelers. Those services are listed below along with a map highlighting their locations. 

Accessibility Map

All of the services listed below can be found here on this Accessibility Guide map.

Parking Facilities

O'Hare offers 285 accessible parking spaces in its parking facilities. All spaces are located adjacent to elevator centers, sidewalks, bus stops and the Airport Transit System (ATS) platform in Economy Lot E. Below is a breakdown of the number of spaces and height restrictions for each lot.

Garage: Level 1 (17), Level 2 (18), Level 3 (18), Level 4 (19), Level 5 (17) Level 6 (19) // Height Restriction 6'6"
Lot B: 9 spaces // Height Restriction 9'
Lot C: 11 spaces // Height Restriction 8'5"
Lot D (International Lot): 18 spaces // Height Restriction - NA
Lot E: 118 spaces // Main Entrance - Height Restriction 10', Side Entrance - NA
Lot G: 39 spaces // Height Restriction10'

All shuttle busses from the ATS Platform to the Remote Parking Lots are fully accessible.
For more information, please call the Parking Information Hotline at (773) 686-7530

Airport Transit System (ATS)

The ATS, which transports passengers between the domestic and international terminals, remote parking and Kiss 'n' Fly is fully accessible. An audible message plays as the train is approaching the next station, and accessible seating is available in each car. All ATS platforms are equipped with elevators.

Terminal Transfer Bus (one-way connection from Domestic Terminal 3 to International Terminal 5)

International Terminal 5 is not connected to the domestic terminals. If you are arriving on a domestic flight and are connecting on an international flight you may use the Terminal Transfer Bus (TTB)​ as an alternative to the ATS System. The Terminal Transfer Bus runs from the secure side of Terminal 3 to Terminal 5, bypassing the security checkpoint in Terminal 5, and is fully accessible.


Getting Through Security

As part of the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) Diamond Self-Select program, dedicated lanes that allow families, individuals unfamiliar with air travel, and travelers with special needs to go through security at their own pace are available at all O'Hare security checkpoints.

Please visit the TSA website to learn more about security screening for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All outside sidewalks at O'Hare have sloping curb cuts for easy wheelchair access. Throughout the airport restrooms, elevators, signage, telephones, restaurants, drinking fountains and diaper changing facilities are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Travelers requiring wheelchair assistance from curb to gate, or gate to curb, should contact their airline in advance of travel. When arriving at the airport, travelers with a wheelchair or other special requests should approach an airline representative for assistance.

All domestic terminal (1, 2 and 3) airline staff can be found curbside and in the ticketing areas. At the International Terminal 5 you will need to visit your airline's​ assigned ticketing counter.

The below maps show the distance from the Departures passenger drop off points to the ticket counters for each terminal:

Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Terminal 5​

Service Animal Relief Areas

Service Animal Relief Areas (SARA) are located on the lower levels of Terminals 1, 2 and 5. These are outdoor, gated areas designated for service animal relief and are accessible at all times. There is also an indoor Service Animal Relief Area in the Terminal 3 Rotunda. All animals must be accompanied and leashed by the owner.

Terminal 1 - Take the elevator located between Door 1C and 1B to Baggage Claim (lower level), exit Door 1A. The SARA will be toward the left.

Terminal 2 - Take the elevator located between Door 2E and 2D to Baggage Claim (lower level), exit Door 2E. The SARA will be toward the right.

Terminal 3 (use Terminal 2 area) - Take the elevator located between Door 3A and 3D to Baggage Claim (lower level), exit Door 3A. The SARA will be toward the left.

Terminal 5 - Take the elevator located between Door 5C and 5B to Baggage Claim (lower level), exit Door 5B. The SARA will be toward the left.

Terminal 3 Rotunda - Below the Yoga Room

Unisex / Family Companion Restrooms

All restrooms located throughout the airport have wheelchair accessible facilities. In addition, there are Unisex / Family Companion Restrooms located in all terminals.

Terminal 1 - B4 (2), B10 (2), C20(2), Baggage Claim (2)
Terminal 2 - Across from the Children's Museum (2), E5, Baggage Claim
Terminal 3 - G11, H14, H3, K1 (2), L5, Rotunda, Baggage Claim
Terminal 5 - Near Security Checkpoint, Food Court Area


Elevators located in all terminals provide access to all passenger levels of the terminal complex. All elevator button panels are equipped with Braille and raised numerals.

Click here​ to view a list of the elevators at O'Hare.

Public Transportation / CTA

The CTA Blue Line​ train provides service between downtown Chicago and O'Hare. The station is equipped with an elevator to take passengers with mobility impairments to and from the platform. For more detailed information, please contact the CTA directly at (312) 836-7000 or (312) 836-4949 (TTY).

Not all CTA Stations are accessible. To view a list of accessible stations click here.

PACE provides service from the O'Hare Kiss 'n' Fly location to Chicago-area suburbs. These links can help you plan your trip:
PACE Accessible Fixed Route Service / Pace Paratransit Service

Travelers can also take the METRA North Central Service train. The station can be reached by taking the ATS to Remote Parking and boarding the "Parking Lot F" airport shuttle. The ATS platform and airport shuttle buses are both fully accessible.

To learn more about the Metra's accessibility offerings, click here.

Public Transportation / RTA

Use the RTA Trip Planning Tool to find accessible routes to and from the airport.

Rental Cars

The following rental car companies provide hand-controlled vehicles for persons with mobility impairments. Agencies request notification 2-3 days prior to pick-up.

Ace (no special services webpage)
Dollar (no special services webpage)
Hertz (must search 'disability')

The rental car shuttles pick up at the Arrivals curb located on the lower level outside of Baggage Claim.


Wheelchair accessible taxicabs are one free phone call away. Call (855) WAV-1010 to be put in touch with a taxicab company that operates wheelchair accessible cabs.
For more information visit:

You can also request a taxi from the taxi line outside of Baggage Claim by notifying the cab starter that you require an accessible vehicle.

Telephone and TTY Phones

Hook-ups for operator-assisted teletypewriters (TTY) are available 24 hours a day and located at the following locations:

Terminal 2 - Near Gates E8, F6 and in Baggage Claim (lower level) near 2C and the elevator
Terminal 3 - Between concourses G and H, near Gate L5 and in Baggage Claim (lower level) near 3D next to the right escalator
Terminal 5 - In Baggage Claim (lower level) near 5B
Bus Shuttle Center

Travelers Aid

Travelers Aid Chicago ​is a social service agency located at O'Hare. It provides guidance, support and advocacy services for passengers during travel. The professional staff in both the booths and the main office can assist with crisis intervention information as well as social services for travelers and visitors.

In addition to providing general airport information, Travelers Aid also provides Protective Travel Service and Crisis Intervention. This includes

  • One-on-one service to accompany passengers through check-in and screening process
  • Services for passengers with cognitive or developmental disabilities, mental health needs, physical disabilities, illness, anxiety, trauma and more
  • Refugees, runaways, repatriation cases and more

Travelers Aid staff and volunteers also assist with crisis intervention including, but not limited to:

  • Displaced passengers
  • Lost passports and/or identification
  • Emergency provisions such as clothes, formula, diapers, etc.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am - 9pm / Saturday-Sunday 10am - 9pm

​Info Desk Hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 8pm / Saturday-Sunday 10am - 8pm

Main Office Location: Terminal 2, Post-security next to Children's Museum
Satellite Office: Terminal 5 | M19
Info Desk Locations: Terminal 1 | Gate B7
Terminal 1 | Gate C18
Terminal 2 | Gate F4
Terminal 3 | Gate K2
Terminal 5, Upper Level/Ticketing Area
Terminal 5, Lower Level/Arrival Area

For further information, contact Travelers Aid Chicago at (773) 894-2427 or by email at

Visit their website at

ADA Coordinator

Complaints and comments about ADA/Accessibility services and facilities at O'Hare can be sent to the airports ADA Coordinator, Gretchen Meyer, at

MOPD Non-Discrimination Policy
City Grievance Procedure