Processes and Guides

​​​ ​​​This section contains resources for tenants and concessionaires.

Prerequisite Design Review Process

This document will give you clear, useful information about the Chicago Department of Aviation design review for your renovation, refurbishment, repair, or new construction project.

Tenant Project Design and Construction Standard Operating Procedures ​ | Tenant Exhibits | Common Exhibits

Version 2024-01-04
All Tenants who desire to perform construction or renovation on airport property shall follow these processes.

Concessionaire Project Design and Construction Standard Operating Procedures | Concessions Exhibits​ | Common Exhibits

Version 2024-01-04​
All Concessionaires who desire to perform construction or renovation on airport property shall follow these processes.​ ​

Development Process and Timeline

An overview of the Development Process and typical timeframes from Pre-Design to Pre-Construction

Facilities Project Coordination and Site investigation Requests

The Facilities Project Coordination Request Form and the Site Investigation Request Form are tools used to increase communication between General Contractors / subcontractors and CDA Facilities Personnel during the construction phase of tenant and concessions projects within the terminal core area.

Retail Management System Construction Compliance User Guide for Concessionaires

This guide provides information on the City’s compliance policy as well as the steps in using the Retail Management System (RMS)

Wayfinding SOP

Link and description forthcoming.

Concessionaire Design Guidelines: O’Hare | Midway

Version 2021-01-00

The purpose of these Concessionaire Design Guidelines (CDG) is to communicate an overall design intent and to provide quality, material, signage, lighting and system standards for concessions development.​

Utilities Dig Book Submission Procedure

To ensure the O’Hare Airport Community that the Contractor and the Construction Manager are performing their due diligence in determining the location of and protecting all known existing utilities; and of efforts to be taken when unknown utilities are encountered.

Department of Buildings Guide to Building Permits

The Department of Buildings have created a guide to the process of obtaining building permits.

Department of Procurement Services Resource Guides

DPS has published a four-volume Resource Guide, expanding on the guiding principle of transparency. The series of Resource Guides were developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the City procurement process that is accessible for businesses at every stage of the contracting process.

​MBE/WBE Special Conditions: Professional Services | Construction

The City’s overall goals are to award not less than 25 % of the annual dollar value of all non-construction contracts to qualified MBEs and 5% of the annual dollar value of such Contracts to qualified WBEs. The City’s current aspirational goals are to award 26% of the annual dollar value of all construction contracts to qualified MBEs and 6% to qualified WBEs.