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Accessibility Guide

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Contact Us /ADA Coordinator

Complaints and comments about ADA/Accessibility services and facilities at Midway can be sent to the airport's ADA Coordinator, Gretchen Meyer at Gretchen.Meyer​

MOPD Non-Discrimination Policy
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Elevators located in the terminal building provide access to all passenger levels of the airport complex. All elevators have Braille and raised numerals.

Terminals: Federal Inspection Area (2), Interstichial Area (4) Concourse C / Chapel (1)
Terminal Garage: South Elevator Center (2) Center Elevator Center (5) East Elevator Center (2)
Economy Garage: East Elevator Center (3) West Elevator Center (3) 

Getting Through Security

As part of the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) Diamond Self-Select program, dedicated lanes that allow families and individuals unfamiliar with air travel, as well as travelers with special needs, are available at all TSA security checkpoints at Midway.

Please visit the TSA website to learn more about security screening for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.

Parking Facilities

Midway offers 164 accessible parking spaces in its parking facilities. There are two parking garages: Daily and Economy. Both of these garages have designated parking spaces located near each of the three elevator cores for motorists with disabilities. Passengers should use the center core elevators to reach the third floor to access the pedestrian bridge to the terminal building.

The Economy and Daily lot have designated parking near the entrances. All accessible parking spaces are wide enough to allow for lift or ramp access, but not all provide sufficient height for traditional accessible vans.  All shuttle buses to the lots are accessible with lifts and tie downs for wheel chairs and run between the lots and the terminal every 15 minutes.

Below is a breakdown of the number of accessible spaces and locations for each lot.

For additional information regarding disabled person accessibility, please call (773) 838-0756.

Terminal Garage55 spaces5757 S. Cicero Ave
Economy Parking Lot35 spaces5050 W. 55th St
Economy Garage75 spaces 5050 W. 55th St
Employee Lot B21 spaces 5050 W. 55th St
Daily Lot11 spaces5402 S. Kilpatrick
Cell Phone Lot6 spaces6101 S. Cicero Ave

Below is a breakdown of the height restrictions for each garage:

Economy Garage

Terminal Garage
Level 1 - 8'8"
Level 2 - 8'2"
Level 3 - 8'3"
Level 4 - 7'2"
Level 5 - 7'2"
Level 6 - 7'9"

For special assistance with parking accommodations, please contact the Parking Information Hotline at (772) 838-0756.

Physical Accessibility

Accessible drop-off areas equipped with curb ramps are provided throughout the arrival and departure vehicle loading areas. Throughout the airport restrooms, elevators, signage, telephones, restaurants, drinking fountains and diaper changing facilities are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The average distance from the 'Departures' passenger drop-off to the ticket counters is 101 ft.

Public Transportation (CTA/RTA)


The CTA Orange Line provides service between Midway and downtown Chicago. The pick up/drop off location for the CTA and Pace buses at Midway is located at the Orange Line/Bus Station at 4612 West 59th Street. The station is equipped with an elevator to take passengers with mobility impairments to and from the train platform.

Not all CTA Stations are accessible. To view a list of accessible stations click here

To view real time CTA elevator alerts, click here.

CTA Hours of Operation from Midway to the Loop:
Weekdays: 4:00 am to 1:00 am
Weekends: 4:30 am to 1:00 am

CTA Hours of Operation from the Loop to Midway:
Weekdays: 4:20 am to 1:25 am
Weekends: 4:55 am to 1:25 am

For additional Chicago Transit Authority information please contact:
(312) 836-7000
(312) 836-4949 (TTY


Use the RTA Trip Planning Tool to find accessible routes to and from the airport.

Rental Cars

The following rental car companies provide hand-controlled vehicles for motorists with mobility impairments. Agencies request notification 2-3 days prior to pick up date. All parking shuttles are wheelchair accessible.

All Gender Restrooms

All restrooms located throughout the airport have wheelchair accessible facilities. In addition, there are six All Gender Restrooms located throughout the airport.

Concourse A: Gate A9 (1), Gate A4A (1), Gate A4A walkway (2)
Concourse B: Gate B15 (includes Adult Size Changing Table)
Baggage Claim: North end of baggage claim

Service Animal Relief Area (SARA)

Outdoor Service Animal Relief Area
The SARA is fenced in with a bench and bags are provided for pet waste.
Location: On the south end of the Lower Level terminal drive
Directions: Exit through Lower Level Door #4 near Baggage Carousel #8. Turn right and walk past the bus stop.

Indoor Service Animal Relief Area (SARA)
The indoor SARA is specially designed to accommodate passengers traveling with service animals or pets. The room is enclosed, has a door with a glass pane that opens and closes automatically, and is designed for wheelchair access.
Location: Concourse A | Gate A4A


More than 300 accessible taxicabs are available in the City of Chicago. You can request an accessible taxicab by notifying the cab starters at the taxi lines located outside baggage claim, by calling the City's accessible taxicab dispatcher, Open Taxi, at (855) WAV-1010, or by using the OpenTaxi app, which you can download to your cell phone.

For more information visit:


Hook-ups for operator-assisted teletypewriters (TTY) are available 24 hours a day and located at the following areas:

Upper Level Ticketing:Across from the Delta ticket counter
Across from the Southwest ticket counter
Concourse A:Gate A5
Gate A10
Concourse B:Gate B10
Gate B20
Lower Level:Baggage Claim across from belts 1,4,5 and 8​

Mobility Impairment​

Upper level door #2 ( Porter, Volares, and Delta)​

Upper level door #4 (Southwest