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CDA's Plan To Address Noise Impact
Distances From O'Hare
OMP Noise Fact Sheet
Projected Noise Changes
Final Approach Fixes​
Interference o​f Radio, Television and Telephone Signals
O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission
Community Outreach Vehicle
White Papers​

CDA's Plan to Address Noise Impact

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has released a new plan to address the impact of airport noise on surrounding communities while ensuring the long-term viability of O’Hare International Airport and the city’s economy. The comprehensive plan addresses noise in four areas - abatement, mitigation, communication and reporting, and citizen involvement.

In addition, the CDA has provided supplemental documentation/information about how the plan was developed, for individuals who wish to learn more about this issue.​

What We Can Do
Independent Legal Analysis​

Distances From O'Hare

Click ​here to see an exhibit depicting distances from O’Hare.

OMP Noise Fact Sheet

Click here to see the O’Hare Modernization Program will future layout and estimated runway utilization at Build-Out.

Projected Noise Changes

C​lick here​ to see a graphic depicting projected noise changes in the areas surrounding O’Hare.

Final Approach Fixes​

Click ​here to see a graphic of the ​O’Hare Final Approach Fixes.

Interference of Radio, Television and Telephone Signals

Click here ​to see a consumer guide written by the Federal Communications Commission regarding the interference of radio, television, and telephone signals.

O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission

In 1996, the City of Chicago created the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) as a regional policy-making group to oversee noise management efforts around O’Hare International Airport. The ONCC participates in the planning of noise mitigation projects to be implemented in the O’Hare area; oversees an effective and impartial noise monitoring system; and advises the City of Chicago on O’Hare-related noise issues.

The ONCC is comprised of representatives of communities located within the O’Hare area. This means that decisions about how noise reduction money is spent will reflect the concerns of the communities that are most affected by aircraft noise.

The ONCC makes recommendations to the City of Chicago regarding noise reduction programs at O’Hare such as the Fly Quiet Program, the Sound Insulation Programs, and the Airport Noise Management System (ANMS).

For more information about the ONCC, including its membership, committee work, meeting schedule and accomplishments, please visit the ONCC website at​.

Community Outreach Vehicle

The CDA and the ONCC disseminate a variety of information related to aircraft noise issues through its community outreach programs. Some of that information is aboard the CDA Community Outreach Vehicle (COV).

The COV is available to travel to community events and schools throughout the year. There are video presentations and computer demonstrations aboard the COV that explain, among other things, the Airport Noise Management System and noise footprints of different types of aircraft. The COV is also used as a learning tool. It is available to travel to schools located within the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs to discuss noise management and career possibilities in the aviation industry.

The COV is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and is equipped with an ADA-compliant automatic hydraulic wheelchair lift.

Anyone interested in having the COV visit a village hall, community event, or school should contact the Chicago Department of Aviation at (773)686-3563.

White Papers

White Paper – OMP Public Outrea​ch​

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