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Concessions & T​enants
Concessions & Tenants Design & Construction
Concessions & Tenants Operations & Maintenance
Design & Construction

The Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM) Green Airplane Rating System for Administrative Procedures (AP) is designed to certify the sustainability of airport-related administrative activities associated with the planning, design, construction, maintainance and daily operations. 

The intention is to not only plan, deisgn, construct, maintain and operate an airport in a sustainable manner, but to aslo be cognizant that the process of adminstering these activities should integrate sustainability as well. 

Concessions & Tenants

SAM Concessions & Tenants (CT) focuses on the evaluation of all airport tenants who have direct customer interaction. This section is divided into two: the CT - Design & Construction (CT-DC) and the CT - Operations & Maintenance (CT-OM). The CT-Design & Construction section only pertains to the build-out or interior renovations within the terminals or existing buildings. Any construction or major exterior renovations of non-terminal tenant spaces would follow the guidelines of the SAM Design & Construction (DC) chapter. The CT-Operations & Maintenance section pertains to all tenants with customer/passenger interaction.

Concessions & Tenants Design & Construction

The SAM Green Airplane Rating System for CT - Design & Construction uses a five tier approach to rating a tenant similar to the           Design & Construction rating system. "Green Airplane Certification" symbols are used to designate achievements levels.

3 Airplane Rating

2 Airplane Rating

1 Airplane Rating

  1. Great American Bagel (2016)​
  2. T1 CBRA and CBIS Optimization (2016)​​​
  3. Emporio Armani - T5, Space 541 (2015)​
  4. Hudson News - T5, Space 585 (2015)​
  5. Hudson - T5, Space 563 (2015)​
  6. Michael Kors - T5, Space 541A (2015)​

Concessions & Tenants​ Operations & Maintenance

 The SAM Green Airplane Rating System for CT- Operations & Maintenance uses a three tier approach to rating a tenant. "Green Airplane Certification" levels are used to designate achievements. The levels are:
Achiever: Tenant has completed the SAM review process and, at a minimum, accomplished all SAM Prerequisites.
Leader: Tenant has gone beyond the minimum expectations of the SAM Prerequisites and demonstrated a commitment to sustainable initiatives.
Mentor: Tenant has achieved the highest level of green airplane certification and meets several CDA requirements above and beyond the prerequisite credits. Tenant is a resource and a good example to other tenants and regularly promotes, advocates and improves upon thier sustainability achievements.



  1. ​McDonald's - Lott Organization (T1 - B, T1 - C, T2 - E/F, T3 - L, T5) (2016)​
  2. McDonald's - Mendez/Herrera/Lawrence Organisation (T3 - H, T3 - K, T3 - H/K) (2016)​
  3. McDonald's - Fuentes Organisation (A,B) (2016)​​

Design & Construction

SAM Design & Construction (DC) certfication encourages airport designers and constrators to implement sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impacts of not only the design features of a given project, but also construction activities, and the operational aspects of the building or infrasturcture project. Specifically, the rating system addresses site issues, water and energy usage, materials and resources used for building the project, waste management and indoor/outdoor environmental quality.

3 Airplane Rating

  1. Runway 10C-28C (2015)
  2. Taxiway WK and Enabling Projects - Construction (2015)
  3. North Detention Basin Expansion (2015)​

2 Airplane Rating

  1. DHL Global Forwading - Building 895 (2016)
  2. Runway 10R-28L Site Prep (2016)
  3. Taxiway LL (2016)
  4. I-190 Entrance/Exit Roadway Rehab (2016)
  5. East Cooling Tower Replacement - Construction (2016)
  6. Taxiway LL (2015)​
  7. Taxiway WK and Enabling Projects - Design (2015)​​

1 Airplane Rating​

  1. ​​RTR - R (2016)
  2. Runway 10R-28L East Utilities/Guard Post (2016)​
  3. Taxiways K&L (2016)
  4. Runway 10R-28L NAVAIDS FOTS (2016)
  5. Runway 10R-28L Paving Lighting Signage (2016)
  6. Runway 10R-28L Safety And Security (2016)
  7. Runway 9C-27C Northeast Package (2016)​
  8. ARFF Burn Pit Paving (2016)
  9. Taxiway WQ Rehabilitation (2016)
  10. East Cooling Tower Replacement - Design (2016)
  11. 4R-22L Centreline Lighting/Paving (2016)
  12. Terminal 5 Roof Replacement (2015)​