Lost and Found

Several organizations at Midway International Airport handle lost and found items. When trying to locate a missing item, contact the organization closest to the location the item was last seen.

If you don't know where you misplaced the item, you can contact several or all of the agencies separately.

  • Near ticket counters, in gate areas, or on an airplane: contact the airline
  • In public areas of the terminal: contact the Midway Communication Center at (773) 838-0656
  • At a concessions location (restaurant or retail): Contact Midway Concessions Guest Services at (888) 813-4568
  • At security checkpoints: please leave a recorded message at (773) 498-1308
  • In the parking facilities​: contact Standard Parking at (773) 838-0753
  • Customs area: (773) 948-6330