Airport Wi-Fi

Unlimited Free Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout all terminals at Midway International Airport and is offered both pre- and post-security.

Follow these simple steps to acccess the Wi-FI network:

  1. Make sure the “Wi-Fi” function on device is turned ON.
    Devices supported include laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  2. Select “Boingo Hotspot” or _Free_MDW_Wi-Fi from your 'Settings' or 'Network Preference' menu.
  3. Launch an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
    Note: You may need to load a new non-https URL to prompt the Wi-Fi access page to load.
  4. Under MDW Free Unlimited Wi-Fi, choose “Watch Ad to Connect”

If you are having difficulties accessing the Midway network with these instructions, please reach out to Boingo Wireless Customer Care at (800) 880-4117.

Charging Statio​ns

The charging stations listed below refer to table workstations with counter and AC outlets, chairs with built-in charging outlets, "Get Plugged In" charging stations, Monster Media charging stations and outlets provided by the airlines near their gates. 


Location Terminal Numb​er of Outlets Type of Outlet
Concourse A Gate A1 12 Chairs
Gate A12 (by bathrooms 12 Chairs
Gate A5 (by Manny's) 24 Chairs
Gate A8 (against wall) 12 Chairs
Battle of Midway 42 Chairs
Gate A3 10 Monster Media (White Charging Station)
Gate A5 10 Monster Media (White Charging Station)
Gate A8 40 "Get Plugged In"
Gate A4A 60 Tables and Chairs
218 Southwest Airlines Gates
Concourse B Across from "Let Them Eat Cake" 12 Chairs
Gate B1 12 "Get Plugged In"
Gate B20 (Across from Hudson News) 40 "Get Plugged In"
Gate B3 10 Monster Media (White Charging Station)
Gate B10 (by Travel Center 6 Tables and Chairs
384 Southwest Airlines Gates
Concourse C Gates C1 and C2 6 Chairs
Across from the USO 12 Chairs
Next to Yoga Room 6 Chairs
Ticketing Between Door #1 and Door#2 4 Chairs
North Door #3 by Elevator 4 Chairs
North End 8 Chairs
South End 12 Table
Baggage Claim Baggage Carousel #3 28 Chairs
Baggage Carousel #6 20 Chairs
Center Baggage Claim 16 Chairs
Baggage Claim North End 8 Chairs
Baggage Claim North Flight Monitor 4 Chairs
Baggage Claim South End 8 Chairs
Baggage Claim South Flight Monitor 4 Chairs
20 Delta Airlines Gates

Power Outlets in Gate Waiting Areas

Midway continues to recognize the needs of today’s digital travelers, and as a result has enhanced the customer experience by adding power-equipped chairs throughout the terminals and Baggage Claim areas.

When travelers arrive at their gate, they will have the opportunity to charge their electronics, relax or get work done all from the comfort and convenience of their power-equipped seat. We have also added additional power-equipped seating in Concourse A near the Battle of Midway interactive exhibit.

All of the gate waiting areas offer seats equipped with power outlets in their gate waiting areas. Be sure to check your seat for availability.

Flight Information Displays

McCormick Place
Flight Information Displays (FIDS) located in the McCormick Place Convention Center​ lobby near Gate 4 provide real-time flight information for Midway.

CTA Orange Line at Clark & Lake
Flight Information Displays located in the CTA Orange Line Clark & Lake station provide real-time flight information for Midway.​​​