Taxi, Limo, TNP | Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

Taxi, Limo, Rideshare


Pickup Locations

​​Transportation Options
​Transportation Pickup/Drop Off Location
​Terminal Door​
​​Regional Buses River Valley Metro
​Lower Level (through parking garage)
​Use Door 6
​Off-Site Parking Shuttles, Charter Buses
​Lowel Level (through parking garage)
​Use Door 5 & 6
City Taxis
Lower Level Inner Lane
​Use Door 2​
​Airport Parking Shuttles
​Lower Level Inner Lane
​Use Door 4
​​Limos, Suburban Taxis​
​Lower Level Center Lane
​Use Door 1 & 2
​​Rental Car Shuttles
​Lower Level Inner Lane
​Use Door 3
​Rideshare Pickup
Blue Zones "A & B" Lower Level Center Lane
Orange Zones "C & D" Lower Level Center Lane
Green Zones "E & F" Lower Level Center Lane
​Use Door 2 & 3
Use Doors 3 & 4

Use Door 4
Individual Passenger Pickup
Lower Level Outer Lane
​Use Door 2, 3 & 4
Hotel Shuttles, Pickup/Drop off
Depature Ticket Level
​Use Door 2

​Parking Options​

  • Airport garage attached to terminal.
  • Economy parking garage/economy surface lot 5050 W. 55th St
  • Daily parking lot 5400 S. Kilpatrick Ave. (Temporarily Closed)
  • Rental car facility 5150 W. 55th St.


Getting to and from Midway International Airport by taxi is both easy and convenient.

Leaving Midway
Taxi stands are located on the lower level curbfront of the terminals, and taxis are available on a first come, first serve basis. To ensure you have a licensed taxi driver, please be sure to use the taxi stands. For your protection, do not accept rides from drivers outside the cab stand or in the departure area of the terminal roadways. All taxis should have a working meter to calculate the fare based on time and mileage.

  • Fares are based on traffic conditions, but an average fare from Midway to downtown Chicago is $35-40.
  • For current fare information, please check the City of Chicago taxi passenger information website.
  • For wheelchair accessible vehicles, please call: Curb Mobility, 888 928-2277 or 888-WAV-CABS

Shared ride service is available to those who wish to share a ride and pay a flat rate to certain destinations if multiple parties are available for the trip. Shared ride fares from Midway include:

  • Downtown ($18 per person)
  • McCormick Place ($18 per person)
  • O'Hare International Airport ($35 per person)

Going to Midway
If you are taking a taxi to Midway from Chicago and are not located in an area where taxis are readily available, the list of taxi companies and phone numbers near the bottom of this page may be useful to schedule a pick up.
For suburban pick up, contact your local cab company.​


Limousines​ are available for both City of Chicago and suburb destinations.

Contact your company of choice to make reservations. You may also reference the list of pre-arranged limousine services provided at the Ground Transportation Information Booth located on the Baggage Claim level near carousel #4.

Pre-Arranged Rides
If you have pre-arranged a pick up with a limousine company, you should call the service once you have claimed your luggage. They will provide you with a license plate number, a description of the car, and/or a door number where you can meet the driver. Depending on airport traffic it can take between 3 to 10 minutes for your vehicle to get to your designated pickup location.

Meeting Drivers in Baggage Claim
Some limousine services can arrange to have their drivers meet arriving passengers in the Baggage Claim area or in other pre-designated pickup locations within the Baggage Claim area. The driver can then assist with luggage and take the passenger directly to the vehicle. Midway provides convenient livery parking, and it typically requires a 5 to 7 minute walk to the vehicle.


A Rideshare company provides prearranged transportation services for compensation through an Internet-enabled application or digital platform to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire.

The loading zone for rideshare services is on the Lower Level Outside of Baggage Claim, Door 2-4.

For more information about the Rideshare program, please visit ​the City of Chicago website​​.

Taxicab Information​​​

Accessible Taxicabs
Curb Mobility (888)928-2277