Banking | Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)


Seaway National Bank

Seaway National Bank provides foreign currency exchange services at Midway International Airport from its location in Concourse A. Seaway helps travelers prepare for foreign destinations by enabling them to obtain foreign currency before they leave and also exchange funds when they return.

More than 200 currencies are bought and sold (no coins) from:

  • Aruba (florin)
  • Bahamas (dollar)
  • Costa Rica (colones)
  • Jamaica (dollar)
  • Korea (won)
  • Australia (dollar)
  • Canada (dollar)
  • Europe (euro)
  • Japan (yen)
  • Mexico (peso)
  • United Kingdom (pound)

As a convenience, orders may also be phoned in and picked up. Call (773) 735-2810 to inquire about additional currencies or to place an order for pickup. Major credit or debit cards accepted. ​​

Hours (subject to change)

Monday thru Friday:  7 am to 4:15 pm
Saturday:  7 am to 4 pm
Sunday:  7 am to 3 pm

ATMs are spread throughout the terminal. View our map ​for all locations.