Sound Insulation Programs

The City of Chicago implements the Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) for homeowners who are located within the determined noise contour. The window replacement program is only for homeowners who have previously received RSIP products from the City of Chicago as a result of their location within the airport noise contour. Some homeowners may have received an Illinois District 22 flyer with misinformation as to the home's eligibility, but the City is only replacing windows that have been previously installed by the City of Chicago Residential Sound Insulation Program.​

The City is aware that a variety of individuals and groups have issues communications with the intention to inform residents about the RSIP. However, the City of Chicago has not issued any flyers, but will be communicating​ directly with all residents in the near future. 

If you are eligible for a future phase of the RSIP, you will be contacted directly by the City of Chicago when it is time to implement the program in your area.

To find out if your home is eligible for the RSIP, click​ ​here for the Property Locator. If you have questions, please call 773.894.3255 and leave a voicemail.

If your home was already sound-insulated and you have a question about warranty work, please call the Midway RSIP Office at 773.838.5632.

For more on mechanical issues or issues with odorous windows, click here​.​

To view a map of Illinois House District 22 compared to the Midway noise contour, click here.

Midway Residential Sound Insulation Program​

The Mayor of Chicago, the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA), and the Midway Noise Compatibility Commission (MNCC) are strongly committed to the Midway Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP). The RSIP aims to reduce the impact of aircraft noise in homes surrounding Chicago Midway International Airport.

The goal of the program is to make it easier for the highest impacted homeowners surrounding Midway to talk on the phone, watch TV, listen to music, sleep, or have a conversation in their own homes. By properly sound-insulating these homes, homeowners not only gain a quieter interior, but may also benefit from long-lasting improvements and increased efficiency in their heating and cooling systems. Should your home become eligible for the program, you will receive a letter from the CDA inviting you to an informational briefing.

To date, 10,175 homes near Midway have been sound-insulated at a cost of more than $228 million.

Property Locator
Sound Insulating Your Home Handbook
​Fact Sheet - Residential Sound Insulation Program at Chicago Midway International Airport

Midway School Sound Insulation Program​

The goal of the Midway School Sound Insulation Program (SSIP), which began in 1991, is to reduce aircraft noise levels in schools and create a quieter learning environment for students attending schools near Midway.

To date, 41 schools near Midway have been sound-insulated at a cost of more than $105 million.

Fact Sheet - School Sound Insulation Program at Chicago Midway International Airport​​​​​​​