Sound Insulation Programs


The Mayor of Chicago, the Ch​​icago Department ​of Aviation (CDA) is strongly committed to the Residential Sound Insulation Programs (RSIP). The RSIP aims to reduce the impact of aircraft noise in homes surrounding Chicago O'Hare International Airport (O'Hare) and Chicago Midway International Airport (Midway)​.

The goal of the program is to make it easier for the highest impacted homeowners surrounding the airports to talk on the phone, watch TV, listen to music, sleep, or have a conversation in their own homes. By properly sound-insulating these homes, homeowners not only gain a quieter​ interior, but may also benefit from long-lasting improvements and increased eff​iciency in their heating and cooling systems. Should your home become eligible for the program, you will receive a letter from the CDA inviting you to an informational briefing.

O'Hare Sound​ Insulation Programs​

Midway Sound Insulation Programs