Terminal Accessibility


Contact Us / ADA Coordinator

Complaints and comments about ADA/Accessibility services and facilities at O'Hare​ can be sent to the airport's ADA Coordinator, Gretchen Meyer,​​ at ORD​[email protected]​​​

​​​O'Hare ADA Com​​plaint Procedure​

O'Hare ADA Complaint Form​

​​Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) leadership information can be found here​​​.​

Mobility​​ Impairment 

To assist with you through O'Hare, each airline offers wheelchair assistance to passengers with mobility impairm​ent. This service can assist you in traveling to or transferring between gates. Each airline coordinates their own wheelchair assistance. Contact your airline prior to travel to add this to your reservation.

Air Canada

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

Frontier Airlines

Spirit Airlines

United Airlines

Airport Transit System (ATS)

ATS service is operating 5 a.m.-10:30 p.m. daily. W​​e expect to expand the days/times of operation with the goal of returning to full-time operations this year.

​Shuttle buses continue to provide 24/7 service.​​

The ATS at O'Hare is returning to phased service, see the current operating schedule and more information about the ATS here​.
In order to maintain a travel connection between all of O’Hare’s terminals and parking lots, the CDA will continue to operate shuttle buses to transport passengers and employees between terminals (Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5) and from the terminals to each economy parking lot (Lots E, G, H); the Multi-Modal Facility, where Lot F and rental cars are housed; and the Metra O’Hare Transfer station. The buses will operate continuously to ensure prompt and reliable service as ATS service resumes.

  • Buses arrive every 5-15 min
  • Bus stops are located on both the upper level and the lower level, depending on the route and terminal:
    • Buses to parking lot F and for rental cars stop on upper level (starting April 1)
    • Buses to all terminals and all other remote parking lots (E, G, H) stop on upper level from the domestic terminals (1,2 & 3) and lower level in Terminal 5.
  • ​Buses from the Multi Modal Facility are located on the main level
    • ​​Buses are routed to specific terminals and arrive every 5-15 min
If connecting between domestic Terminals 1, 2 & 3, you DON’T have to leave the secured side and take the shuttle buses, you can simply follow the overhead signage to guide you between all domestic terminals.


TTB SERVICE HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY SUSPENEDED - TTB service takes travelers from the domestic terminals (1,2, & 3) to Terminal 5 without having to exit security or be rescreened in Terminal 5 at the TSA​ checkpoint. Shuttles to transport passengers between all terminals and remote parking are still operating 24/7, those shuttles pick up on the Upper Level roadway (Ticketing Level). ​

Terminal 5 is not connected to the domestic terminals.​

If you are arriving on a domestic flight and are connecting on an international flight that is departing from Terminal 5, you may use the Terminal Transfer Bus (TTB)​ as an alternative to the ATS​ Syste​m. The Terminal Transfer Bus runs from the secure side of Terminal 1 and 3 gates B1, G17, K20 or L24) to Terminal 5 (gate M1), bypassing the security checkpoint in Terminal 5.


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offers assistance to travelers with disabilities, medical conditions, or those who might need special accommodations during the security screening process.

TSA Cares is a helpline that provides travelers with disabilities, medical conditions and other special circumstances additional assistance during the security screening process. You may call 72 hours prior to traveling with questions about screening policies, procedures and what to expect at the security checkpoint. For more information, call (855) 787-2227, email [email protected] or visit tsa.gov.​

At the airport, travelers requiring special accommodations or who are concerned about the security screening process at the airport may ask a TSA officer or supervisor for a passenger support specialist who can provide on-the-spot assistance.

Changing Places Facility 

This first-of-its-kind facility provides a restroom, shower and other ADA features for disabled passengers. It is located in Terminal 2 near security checkpoint 5 (Gate F3).

The facility is equipped with a  motorized passenger lift system that provides access to the rooms adult changing table (can support max load of 330lbs. ), (2) fully accessible showers (includes roll in and transfer seat types), accessible wall mount toilet, accessible sink, two emergency pull cords that are connected to the O’Hare Communication Center (OCC), clear floor space and grab bars near all plumbing fixtures and terrazzo flooring, LED lighting fixtures and an automatic operable door.


All restrooms located throughout the airport have wheelchair accessible facilities. In addition, there are All Gender Restrooms located in all terminals.

Terminal 1 - B1 (2), B10, C19(2), Baggage Claim (2)
Terminal 2 - Across from the Children's Museum (2), E5, Baggage Claim
Terminal 3 - G11, Rotunda, H14, H2, H5, H12 (2), K1 (2), L10, L21, L24, Baggage Claim (2)
Terminal 5 - Outside security near Checkpoint, Food Court Area
Multi Modal Facility (Rental Cars/Lot F) 
– North and South Escalator Core on Level 1

Mother's Room / MAMAVA

Mother's Rooms are available in each terminal. This amenity offers a clean and comfortable room for traveling mothers to nurse, use a breast pump or care for young children. Each Mother’s Room features comfortable seating, a sink, electrical outlets, a diaper changing surface, soft lighting and is ADA compliant. The Mother’s Rooms at O’Hare are open 24/7 and have been designed to be secure, spacious and sanitary.​​​


There are Mother's Rooms in each terminal:

Terminal 1: Concourse B | Gate B10
Terminal 2: Concourse F | Crossover Between Gates E5 and F9
Terminal 3: Rotunda, next to the Yoga Room
Terminal 3: Concourse L | Gate L6
Terminal 5: Concourse M | Gate M14​​​​​
Multi-Modal Facility: 2 Locations on Level 1 - North and South Side​​​​​​

MAMAVA pods provide​ a safe, private space to pump or nurse on the go.


Terminal 2: Concourse F | Gate F1 near Family Lounge
Terminal 2: Concourse E | Gate E1

Service Animal Relief Areas

Service Animal Relief Areas (SARA) are located on the outside security on the lower levels of Terminals 1, 2 and 5 and inside security in the Terminal 3 Rotunda and Main Hall. All animals must be accompanied and leashed by the owner.

Outside Security

These SARAs are outdoor, gated areas designated for service animal relief and are accessible at all times.

Terminal 1 – Location: Outside Arrivals/lower level Door 1A.
Directions: Exit through Terminal 1 Lower Level Door 1A, near United Baggage Claim #15. Turn left. The SARA is within a black fence, approximately 40 steps from the exit door.

Terminal 2 – Location: Outside Arrivals/lower level Door 2E.
Directions: Exit through Terminal 2 Lower Level Door 2E, near Baggage Claim #1. Turn right. The SARA is within a black fence, approximately 50 steps from the exit door. The gate is on the far side of the fence.

Terminal 5 – Location: Outside Arrivals/lower level Door 5B
Directions: Exit through Terminal 5 Lower Level Door 5B, near Baggage Claim 10. The SARA is within a black fence, approximately 50 steps from the exit door.

Multi Modal Facility (Rental Cars/Lot F) – Location: Outside
Directions: Exit through Terminal 5 Lower Level Door 5B, near Baggage Claim 10. Turn Right. The SARA is within a black fence, approximately 50 steps from the exit door.

Inside Security

This SARA is designed for service animal relief, and is accessible at all times when one is within security.

Terminal 3 Rotunda – Location: Post security, in the Rotunda (between Terminal 2 & Terminal 3)
Directions: From the Rotunda, take the hallway towards Terminal 2. The SARA is immediately on the left.

Terminal 3 Main Hall – Location: Post security, next to the Lotto booth and down the hall from gate K1
Direction: From Gate K1, follow hallway towards L Concourse. The SARA is located on the left wall beyond the security checkpoint and the Lotto booth, approximately 75 steps down the hall.


Elevators​located in all terminals provide access to all passenger levels of the terminal complex. All elevator button panels are equipped with Braille and raised numerals.

Click here​ to view a list of the elevators at O'Hare.​