Economy Parking | Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)



If you plan on parking your car at O'Hare International Airport for an extended period of time, then the Economy Lots are the best option. The daily rates range between $15 and $22 per day with Lot G providing the most economical on-airport parking with a rate of $15 per day.

Free shuttle buses routinely operate within each of the Economy Lots. The bus shuttles operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The O'Hare Airport Transit System (ATS or “people mover) is closed 24/7 to finalize modernization efforts and expansion of the system.

In order to maintain a travel connection between all of O’Hare’s terminals and parking lots, the CDA will operate shuttle buses to transport passengers and employees between terminals (Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5) and from the terminals to each economy parking lot (Lots ​G & H); the Multi-Modal Facility, where Lot F and rental cars are housed; and the Metra O’Hare Transfer station. The buses will operate continuously to ensure prompt and rel​iable service while the ATS is closed.

  • Buses arrive every 5-15 min
  • Bus stops are located on both the upper level and the lower level, depending on the route and terminal:
    • Buses to parking lot F and for rental cars stop on lower level
    • Buses to all terminals and all other remote parking lots ( G & H) stop on upper level from the domestic terminals (1,2 & 3) and lower level in Terminal 5.
  • ​Buses from the Multi Modal Facility are located on the main level
    • ​​Buses are routed to specific terminals and arrive every 5-15 min

If connecting between domestic Terminals 1, 2 & 3, you DON’T have to leave the secured side and take the shuttle buses, you can simply follow the overhead signage to guide you between all domestic terminals.

The CDA is committed to providing a quick and reliable bus shuttle service as the ATS modernization is finalized.

View ​map​ of shuttle bus service routes. ​

Payments are made to the cashier upon exiting the lots.

Cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and Carte Blanche are all accepted forms of payment.

Economy Lot F

Economy Lot F offeres travelers a long term covered parking option. Travelers should board a free, 24-hour shuttle from the Lower Level (Baggage Claim) curb front. The digital display on the bus will read: "Rental Cars / Parking Lot F". Each terminal has designated areas for drop-off and pick-up.  

Economy Lot F is located on floors 4 & 5 of the Multi-Modal Facility​ (MMF) which is on the southeast corner of Mannheim and Zemke Road. The MMF’s address: 10255 W. Zemke Blvd., Chicago, IL 60666. Drop a Google Maps pin.

This lot is a credit card lot use only

Time RangeRate
0 to 1 hour$3.00
1 to 2 hours$6.00
2 to 3 hours$10.00
3 to 4 hours$14.00
4 to 24 hours$22.00

Parking Rates Includes All Taxes

Economy Lot G

Economy Lot G is located along Bessie Coleman Drive at the southwest corner of Mannheim and Zemke Road. In relation to the terminals, the lot is northeast of the domestic terminals and directly north of the International Terminal 5.

Time RangeRate
0 to 1 hour$3.00
1 to 24 hours$15.00
Parking Rates Includes All Taxes

Parking Information

Call O'Hare’s Parking Garage Office at (773) 686-7530 for:

  • vehicle assistance
  • booted vehicles
  • parking in excess of 30 days
  • information on Accessible Parking