Mother's Room | Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Mother's Room /Lactation Pods

Mother's Rooms are available in each terminal. This amenity offers a clean and comfortable room for traveling mothers to nurse, use a breast pump or care for young children. Each Mother’s Room features comfortable seating, a sink, electrical outlets, a diaper changing surface, soft lighting and is ADA compliant. The Mother’s Rooms at O’Hare are open 24/7 and have been designed to be secure, spacious and sanitary.​


There are Mother's Rooms in each terminal:

  • Terminal 1: Concourse B | Gate B10
  • Terminal 2: Concourse F | Crossover Between Gates E5 and F9
  • Terminal 3: Rotunda, next to the Yoga Room
  • Terminal 3: Concourse L | Gate L6
  • Terminal 5: Concourse M | Gate 20​
  • Multi-Modal Facility: 2 Locations on Level 1 - North and South Side​​​​​

Lactation Pods

Lactation pods provide a safe, private space for mothers to nurse or pump while on the go. The pods at O'Hare were developed by Mamava, a nationwide developer of lactation suites for offices and transportation hubs. Additional lactation pods are scheduled to be installed in Terminal 1 in mid-2022.


  • Terminal 1: Concourse C | Gate C11
  • Terminal 1: Concourse C | Gate C23
  • Terminal 2: Concourse E | Gate E1
  • Terminal 2: Concourse F | Gate F1 near Family Lounge
  • Terminal 3: Concourse G | Gate G12
  • Terminal 3: Concourse K | Gate K5
  • Terminal 3: Concourse K | Gate K19
  • Terminal 3: Concourse L | Gate L24